Introducing our Newest Chicago Party Bus

Stars at Night

Introducing the newest custom 30 passenger party bus in Chicago: our beautiful bus “Starry Night”. Inspired by the infamous Vincent van Gogh’s painting Starry Night, this bus is a state of art creation itself. Well planned and carefully designed Starry Night reflects all the artistic concepts of the planets and galaxies in the night sky. Additionally, it is equipped with latest light technology: custom ceilings with illuminating LED lights, laser shows, fiber optic lights and mirrors. When lit up – the bus creates an ambient slow-changing light show, which illuminates up the swirls and dots on the disco ceiling.

Starry Night Chicago Party Bus
Fascinating Design of the Interior

It is well worth seeing this beauty: it is the only party limo bus in Chicago with a black ceiling undertone which starts at the driver cabin and goes to the very end of the bus  without being interrupted once. Also, there are blue LED light cup holders inside the bars to help you keep your drinks safe from spilling. What is more interesting, the bar has a custom cut 1-inch granite – a truly classy feature. Not only it is functional and helpful to keep the bar clean, it also has a flat surface to put the cups and mix the drinks of your own liking.

Starry Night Limousine Bus Party
Stocked Granite Bar

However, the most important attribute of the bus is music. Because no party is ever complete without music. For that reason, 4 14 inch bass sub-woofers were implemented as well as 10 mid range and high range speakers – for your perfect Chicago limo sound experience. Moreover, the speakers are well placed out throughout the bus creating a perfect stereo sound.

Sub woofers inside the bars and under the seats
Sub woofers inside the bars and under the seats

Interested in this bus? Elite Chicago Limo runs a winter special that last until March 1st. Get this limo bus for discounted prices for your Christmas party, birthday, Chicago wedding limo or New Years Eve celebration.

More information on Starry Night here:

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