Cadillac Tries to Fill in the Gap Left by Lincoln Town Car

Black Cadillac limousines: funeral car, luxury sedan and a 10 passenger limousine2010 marked the last year of the Lincoln Town Car Limo class sedan. The model was discontinued under undisclosed reasons. Chicago limo operators are still looking for a luxury sedan that could fill in the hole left by the Town Can. Cadillac, however, may have a solution.

Cadillac Sedan has been in limousine industry just as long as Lincoln, but was never as respected as a luxury sedan. Town Car was always the leader of the livery transportation. Now, wanting to fill in the gap left by Lincoln, General Motors is proposing a modified XTS sedan which includes all the extras that a limo class sedan must have.

Let’s overview what changes the XTS went through to become the new chauffeur’s dream. The back seat is anhanced with many features, such as an aux connections and charging station for smart-phones, tinted windows and window shades and most importantly, heated seats for the cold Chicago weather.
On the outside, the limo now has LED lights to guide the customer to the door handles and many other small smart changes.

Vice Don Butler, the vice president of the Cadillac marketing group, claims “The Cadillac brings unseen luxury to the livery market. We strive to prove the customer the ultimate luxury experience. Whether it is a front of a back seat, it is all equipped with the latest top notch technology and luxury limo elements”.

If GM is successful filling into the Lincoln land, the XTS will be soon known as the new luxury sedan, which provides black car service as well as stretch limousine service and funerals. But before that, it needs to wipe the competition, such as the Lincoln MKT livery Town car of the Lincoln MKS.

On the other hand, Chicago limo companies, has a strong say on the new proposed limousines. When the Town Car was killed, none of them were happy. The alternative MKT car, suggested by Lincoln was not warmly welcomed. It is still clear that the limo operators are looking for other good options to replace the Town Car. It could be that in a couple of years the Caddy will completely take over the limousine industry stronghold, previously held by Lincoln.

The final word here falls on limousine user and customer. Based on the customer reviews and needs the limousine companies will decide which car to purchase and which to dish. So, please let us know: what would you prefer? A Lincoln MKT or a Cadillac XTS?

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