Ford Mustang: A Limousine from 1966

White Ford Mustang 1966 LimousineA rare find on Ebay got us wondering all over again. What is a cooler looking limo: A classic Lincoln, a tough Hummer or a rare, classy alternative – a 1966 Ford Mustang? Now this is the car I’d love to be riding in Las Vegas!

The answer lies in your hands. Will this car sell on Ebay for the listed price of $49,990? Or will it spark a battling auction and go for more? Specialty Sales Classics, based in Redwood city, CA, has this beauty listed online since yesterday.

As written in the original listing, the seller states the vehicle is being kept in its original state. All of the parts are well maintained and preserved. What was replaced is as follows: steering wheel, the body extension, and the interior where it was extended. The car is truly lovable and different. The meter only shows 70,000 original miles.

On the other hand, the reviews of this limousine are split. Part of the Ebay community thinks the limousine industry has gone too far regarding antique and classic vehicles. For the same price a buyer could purchase a nicely restored Mustang that still has plenty of power and style to it.

However, we believe this car will be a nice catch to some limousine company. Be it Las Vegas, a Chicago Limo company or some transportation team in New York, this Mustang will definitely be a hit among newlyweds and prom parties.

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